Facts about Cricket Ball

  • We all know how famous is the Game of Cricket in the World Cricket especially for the youth.
  • Now lets see some facts about how cricket is made and how many of cricket balls are actually being made for cricket.
  • Basically Cricket Ball is prepared with a solid and Hard Material of Cork and covered by leather over it.
  • And it is raised slightly at the top to have grip for bowlers who seam it in both the directions.
  • The Nature of a Cricket Ball Varies slightly from the manufacturer of the respective companies with their associated Brands.
  • Cricket Ball have an specific behaviour in different conditions,In overcast conditions.
  • It is very easy to swing in both the directions and if the ball is old it is easy to get reverse swing by the fast bowlers.

Types of cricket Balls

There are Different types of cricket balls present in the world and also been used in different formats of the game.

Any How all the Companies prepare the cricket ball basically with cork and cover with leather over it.

Now lets see different types of cricket balls baes on colors

White Cricket Ball :

  • Generally White colored cricket balls are used in limited over matches and T20 international matches, especially these are very affected under the flood lights.
  • Where the batsmen and all the players can have an clear picture of the ball in day and night matches.
  • But the main challenge of this white is that it should maintain the colour and shine of the in the entire innings of game.

Red cricket Ball :

  • Now we can the next most preferred ball called Red Cricket Ball, Generally it is used in Test Cricket Matches only.
  • Red coloured leather cricket balls offer better shine and swing in both ways in test cricket.
  • which is usefull for the fast bowlers and players in the match.
  • The Main reason behind playing with red ball in test match is generally test match ends at the evening of the day.
  • So when the red ball is played under the lights it has a very poor visibility.
  • And the players cannot see the red ball properly under the lights, This is why red balls are only used in test cricket.

Pink Cricket Ball :

  • Pink Cricket Balls have been introduced into the game of cricket very recently from the year 2015 only.
  • These pink cricket balls are used in Day and Night Test Cricket Matches now a days only in some of test playing nations.
  • Pink coloured balls are more visible than the white coloured balls under the flood lights.
  • Due to visibility factor pink coloured are more used in Day and Night test matches only.
  • In the year 2015 first time in Ade laide Oval It is used in the first ever Interntional day and night test match.
  • It was held between the both teams Australia and New zealand.

Different Brands In Cricket Balls:

Kokkaburra Balls :

  • These balls Mainly Manufacture Red Colored Cricket Balls and pink colored cricket balls.
  • This Brand is actually belongs to Australian Country permanently and it is started in the year 1890.
  • In the Early 1920’s these company Brand value has been raised and it started to supply cricket balls to over 50 countries in the world.
Kokkaburra Cricket Ball
  • Today Kookaburra Company is the official Red Cricket Ball Supplier to Seven Test Playing Nations.
  • It is also the supplier of white ball cricket for all the domestic cricket playing nations regularly.

Duke Balls :

  • Duke Cricket Balls are mainly used in England and United Kingdom Nations in their first class matches.
  • Not only in England it is also used in the West Indies Home cricket Matches
  • Duke Brand started in England in the year 1760.
  • And it is mainly used in famous Ashes Series Between England and Australia.
  • The other name for Duke Brand is British Cricket Balls Limited.
  • There is saying in cricket that the players performance is high when there are playing with Duke Ball in both batting and bowling.

SG Cricket Balls :

  • The Abbrevation of SG cricket ball is Sanspareils Greenlands.
  • These SG cricket balls are mainly prefered in India for all the Matches even in Ranji trophy.
  • These SG Brand is Manufactures Ball from the year 1950 in India Meerut in Uttar Pradesh State.
  • SG cricket ball is very costlier than the Other Brands and it is very solid made.
  • Cricket is popular in India and Indian Nation prefers to play all of its Matches with SG Balls.

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