Disciplinary Sanction On Gabriel.

Shannon Gabriel

Shannon Gabriel was part of the West Indies side beaten by England in St Lucia.

West Indies fast bowler Shannon Gabriel.

Has been banned for four one-day international matches after making an alleged comment during his team’s Test match defeat by England.

Television footage shared on social media showed England captain Joe Root appearing to respond to a comment from Gabriel by saying

“Don’t use it as an insult. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

The Actuall comment was made by Gabriel during the Test  match between West Indies and England.

In Saint Lucia, was not able to hear on the microphone exactly on the stump phone , Root was says explains when asked by reporters what had been said.

It’s Test cricket and Gabriel is an emotional guy trying to do everything he can to win a Test match, Root told reporters Monday.

Sometimes people say things on the field that they might regret, but they should stay on the field.

The England captain added that the bowler is a player who plays hard cricket. The battle was a good contest. He’s had a wonderful series and he should be proud.”

When asked if Gabriel’s comment had crossed a line, Root added “I think it should stay on the field.

I don’t want anything said in the middle to ruin what’s been a good Test series for him and his team.”

On Wednesday, the 30-year-old Gabriel accepted the allegation in front of ICC.

Incident Details :

Joe Root scored a century in England’s victory over West Indies in St Lucia.

The charge means Gabriel has given eight demerit points cricket’s disciplinary penalty system in a two-year period, leading to a four-match one-day international ban.

Gabriel was not part of the one-day side from December 2017 and was not actually included in the squad for the upcoming five-match series.

Injuries to key players helped and made the way for him into the team.

Root’s actions were widely praised by those within cricket and the community.


Nasser Hussein, the ex-England captain, also paid tribute to Root by tweeting: “I don’t know who said what to whom.

But boy do I applaud Joe Root’s reaction here. For me his twelve words as a role model will be in the end more important than a test hundred or possible victory.”

Shannon Gabriel of the West Indies is taken away by his Team member Kraigg Brathwaite after the fight with Joe Root who is the captain of England.

“I think the fast bowlers are always going to try and impose themselves on the game,” Pybus added. “It’s always a proper tussle out there. I think it is pretty standard.

“Shannon is a proper old-school fast bowler, I think we need to find out if there is anything behind the rumors and then we’ll address it.”

Apology By Gabriel to Root :

West Indies paceman Shannon Gabriel has extended an “unreserved apology” over what he said to England captain Joe Root during the third Test in St Lucia.

The exchange occurred during a tense moment on the field,” Gabriel explained in a written statement.

The pressure was on and England’s captain Joe Root was looking at me intensely   as I prepared to bowl, which may have been the usual psychological strategy with which all test cricketers are familiar.

I realize now that I was trying to break through my own tension, when I spoke to Joe Root why are you smiling and looking at me , Do you like gays ?

His response, which was picked up by the microphone, was Don’t use it as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.’ I then responded ‘I have no issues with that, but you should stop smiling at me.’

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